Cherry-picking Your Team Of Professionals: A Guide To Acquire The Best Available...

Cherry-picking Your Team Of Professionals: A Guide To Acquire The Best Available Manpower


Whether it’s for your new start-up or you’re opening new positions in your well-recognized firm, grabbing on the very best of human resource available out there can always help. A lot of recruiting HR mangers complain about the traditional walk-in style interviews, most rendering them incapable of judging applicants entirely. For the very same motive, tests judging candidates on varied fronts and perspectives have been developed over the course of time, especially in the last two decades, some of which are highly individualized.

Most popular among recruiters is the individualized assessment of an applicant’s general intelligence and reasoning abilities,commonly involving a range of tests from logical to spatial aptitude, verbal reasoning/comprehension to word fluency. This kind of psychometric testing for recruitment of general or specialized staff alike is gaining immense following among most medium to large sized enterprises worldwide, including India.

The Process:Prior to actually getting started with the tests, a job analysis to categorize the required duties and responsibilities may be necessary. After the analysis has been conducted, HR’s may invite their prospect candidates to take a custom test for the designated job profile hosted by the company or, alternatively, at one of the websites offering such tests. Some of the top ones include and, both having provided such services to leading world firms. These websites may certify your candidates and score them in different categories of general intelligence. Independent scores may be allotted to categories such as short-term memory, symbolic reasoning, speed and accuracy, as in also to verbal pursuit and visual memory and other related skills. These certifications can directly be used to absorb the right personnel to serve you in your domain, as they allow you to review and adjudge distinct abilities within the candidates that may be suitable for your specific job profile. So, by utilizing these psychometric tests for recruitment of your prospects you can really expect that you would get out of them what you compensate for.

Pros:These tests, usually, are deemed to be very reliable and trustworthy, and especially with the methods including an assessment of varied skills and responsiveness of the candidate to verbal and non-verbal stimuli, they almost always give you the best picture. It may be worthy to mention here that aptitude tests like these have been found to work better in combination than one test in its individuality. Perhaps, the other big thing about a trial like this is the service of computer based scoring system which not only minimizes the errors that typically creep in during human based interactions, but also makes the whole process much more economical. A lot of applicants are able to take the tests at the same time which is often a good thing, particularly if you don’t have much time at your disposal.

Cons:From where I can see, the whole system is by and large flawless. However, the subtle differencesin special abilities of the two genders may sometimes negatively impinge on the scoring of some applicants, but that’s not recurrent at best.