Meet A Reliable & Trusted Multi-Talented Professional!

Meet A Reliable & Trusted Multi-Talented Professional!


When it comes to the field of accounting and financial services, you will find that some professionals are really passionate about their work that they become effective role models for others to follow. Their levels of dedication and work really helps others when it comes to excelling in the niche.

A rare combination of talent and expertise

In the USA there is one such professional who is not only known for her expertise but also for her invaluable experience in the field. The name of this executive management and financial services expert is Bharti Jogia-Sattar. She is a well-known name and figure when it comes to the real estate, financial and entertainment industry in the USA. She is a talented professional widely loved and respected by her peers. She and her team helps clients to get the best deals and negotiations when it comes to real estate and other financial matters. She states that when it comes to real estate and finance, many clients do not know a host of vital things. This is why they land up making the wrong decision and choice. Both the real estate and the financial market are very dynamic and it is crucial for you as a client to always consult a professional with years of credible experience in the field.

Understanding the individual needs of clients

She says that when it comes to finance, executive management and real estate no two clients are the same. This is why she and her team of talented professionals ensure that they understand the individual portfolio of their clients first. They ensure that their clients receive the help and the guidance they need. In all the niches that she deals with there are certain elements of risk. The client often has no idea of the elements of risk involved in projects. This is why she and her team take time to make them understand the levels of risks entailed and how they should tackle it. She says that her field is very dynamic and it is important for her and her team to be updated with the latest market trends and development. This helps them to assess the situation and counsel the client accordingly. When she it dealing with project management, real estate deals or organizational issues she ensures that the client understands the process completely so that there are no hassles and misunderstandings in future.

Her clients keep on consulting and going back to her for their unique needs. They say that she is a professional that always places the client interests first over her own interests. This is why she is well loved and popular in the USA today. She says that she enjoys her work and really is happy when she sees progress and development in the lives of her clients.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar studied science with Chemistry and completed a course in Business Management. She graduated from The Eastern Michigan University and Bryn Mawr College. She also has passed her Certified Public Accountant Examination. She has been an independent financial consultant since 2011. In her spare time, she loves to read and collects sea glass. She likes gardening and appreciates music and cooking.