Why Traditional Foods Are Good For Health

Why Traditional Foods Are Good For Health


There is a large chunk of population in the world who is not healthy. It does not even care to eat healthy to start with. The people just eat what they feel is the trend or what their friend is suggesting shall work for him or her. That kind of advice is ruining a portion of the population’s health and the rest try to go off animal meat, or dairy foods just so that they shall be able to lose that flab.

Where do the diets fail? The diets fail when people assume the printed word for a fact and just go with it. People do not like vegetables in raw form, and then doctors also say that the vegetables from farms have remains of pesticides on them. Hence, one has to wash well, and boil or cook well the vegetables to ensure that they are beneficial for health.

Helping People to Eat Healthy:

Geoffrey Morell is an educated farmer who runs PA Bowne Farmstead and who does not believe in using any kind of chemicals like pesticides or herbicides of any kind for the crops. He does not support inclusion of soy or gluten in consumption. However, he is always ready to go for raw milk and animal fats.

Since educated farmers like him are there, the face of farming is undergoing a change. People are now able to understand that in order to stay healthy going back to traditional foods is essential step.

Traditional food intake includes eating good amount of raw milk, animal fats, and soy-free food. There are farmers who try to maximize their yields by going for hormone booster sprayed on their crops. But these crops are not going to be as healthy as the ones that do not get any such sprays of chemicals on them.

Loss of nutrients is one of the things that happen to the genetically modified crops. Another thing that such chemically grown crops shall do is harm the body in many ways. Traditionally grown crops often help in reducing weight and even in offering the body immunity from various ailments.

Solution in Hand for Farmers:

Geoffrey Morell from PA Bowne Farmstead is currently working on creating awareness about the benefits of going for traditional farming of vegetables and fruits. He is using this method and along with his wife, author Sally Morell, he has been working on ensuring that people realize that with cautious planning and systematic approach, one can still have healthy yield. He does not believe in injecting or spraying health boosting elements to the crops. He likes the farm fresh vegetables that are free from any genetic modification.

He has spent quite some time studying the impact of such foods and he has also understood that in order to ensure that people get back to trusting veggies, the farmers stop using any chemicals on the crops. Only by getting close to the roots, can one achieve good health and stay fit without depending on any medicines for long too.