Never Be Afraid To Stick Your Neck Out!

Never Be Afraid To Stick Your Neck Out!

Never Be Afraid To Stick Your Neck Out!

Neck pain is a symptom of our modern, fast lifestyles. Many of us, including young school-age children, complain of constant neck pain. It can be a minor pain triggered by inactivity or over exertion, or it can be the symptom of a deeper bone or tissue-related malaise. If you have had a painful neck for many months with no signs of reduction despite resting the neck adequately, it is better to consult a doctor for the same.

But most kinds of neck pain are quite harmless, and are brought on by poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, overexertion (at work, the gym, on the sports field, etc.) or even by sleeping in the wrong position. The neck is delicately poised between the head and the shoulders, and any misalignment or pressure on it can cause aches and pains. By correcting and eliminating the reason for the pain, one may be able to get rid of neck pain forever.

What causes neck pain?

A sudden movement: Commonly known as ‘whiplash’, this movement is characterised by the neck at rest going behind and then suddenly whipping forward. It is a common injury when one falls down or meets with a car collision. The neck snaps back and forth in an unnaturally fast manner, thus causing lasting pain.

Sleeping without adequate neck support: Most people use the wrong pillows in bed. The pillow should be soft enough for the head to dip into it, but not so soft that the neck dips below the level of the spine or shoulder blades. Repeated use of the wrong pillow can cause neck pain.

Sprain or strain: Long periods of staring at a computer or mobile phone screen, moving the neck sideways suddenly, and not moving the neck at all when looking around can all cause strains or sprains in the neck.

Cluster or tension headaches: Tension or cluster headaches are known to cause a tightening in the head as well as the neck. The neck can become quite sore and painful till the headache dissipates.

Cervical spondylosis: This is a condition associated with older age groups, in which the joints and muscles in the neck begin to get eroded and atrophied, respectively. This can cause tremendous and lasting periods of pain in the neck area.

Rheumatoid arthritis: This is an autoimmune disease that affects the joints in the body, including those in the neck.

But all of these pains can be dealt with if you have Moov spray. This is how you use Moov spray on the neck:

  • Cleanse the neck gently with water, making sure there is no residue of a balm you may have applied previously. Also make sure that the skin is not broken or irritated in any way.
  • If you want, you can apply a hot compress on the painful area for at least 10 minutes. The heat loosens up the painful muscles and joints.
  • Hold the Moov spray bottle about 10 centimetres away from the painful area of the neck. Now spray it evenly on the neck.
  • Let the liquid be absorbed by the skin. Moov spray penetrates deep inside the skin into the painful, sore tissues and begins to work at once. It has a fast-acting formula that gets to work at once on application. Within a few minutes, you will feel the pain reducing and ultimately disappearing.

You will find that Moov spray is ideal for use on the neck. If the pain is too severe for you to bear, or if it restricts your mobility or hampers your lifestyle in any way, do see a doctor at the earliest.