Yoga Postures For Balancing and Strengthening Of Brain Muscles

Yoga Postures For Balancing and Strengthening Of Brain Muscles

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Brain is an integral part of a human life, but we rarely focus on the well-being of our brain. We are concerned about our weight, skin, hair and what not, but the health of our brain is not at all on our list.

Stress is an important triggering issue associated with the brain. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and overload of work has brought all of us into the trap of stress. Stress is not good for the brain; it not only reduces our brain’s efficiency to work but is a hub of many other diseases in the long run. Chronic stress leads to weakening of the immune system, increased blood pressure, and diabetes, which could eventually convert in bigger problems like heart attacks, kidney failure and cancer.

Thus, well being of the brain is very important. Our brain is built of muscles which require regular exercising just like any other part of the body and yoga can be an important factor in promoting a healthy brain. If you are always crunched with time, then you can specifically pick exercise. Each and every yoga postures are specifically designed for a particular organ of a body. Here I will discuss some of the yoga postures which will strengthen your mind and builds a stronger memory. A good way to learn advanced yoga is by undertaking expert guidance in classes such as yoga teacher training dharamsala.


Padmasana or the lotus pose is one of the rarest pose that can be done on an empty stomach and is regarded as a meditative pose. It’s recommended that this meditative pose works effectively when done for at least 5 minutes in the early morning. Padmasana works effectively on the mind and brain by relaxing them. It renders you a flexible body by improving your body posture and giving a good stretch to your ankles and knees. This exercise increases your awareness by awakening the chakras of your body.


Vajrasana or the diamond pose is a kneeling exercise which is accompanied with breathing exercises. Daily practicing of Vajrasana strengthens your body and relieve from any kind of stomach disorders. Unlike other yoga postures, vajrasana should be practiced only after a meal. Some of the key benefits of vajrasana are an improved digestive system and good blood circulation. Further, it reduces the flexibility of lower body and tones your muscles.


Halasana is an advanced yoga pose which helps in uncovering the hidden capabilities of the body. You can practice the pose any time in the day after a gap of 5-6 hours from your last meal. Hold the pose for 10 sec. at the start and take this to 30-60 seconds. Halasana effectively regulates the metabolism and balances the blood sugar levels in the body. This pose reduces the back strain and enhances your body postures. Further, it effectively reduces your stress and calms the brain. It gives a good stretch to your shoulder and works effectively on the thyroid gland.


These were the few yoga postures which heal your complete body and reduce the levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. Elimination of such factors strengthens the brain muscles, develop good memory and maintain the overall fitness of the brain. So imbibe these yoga postures in your daily life and promote a healthy well being.