5 Interesting Facts About Sikkim

5 Interesting Facts About Sikkim

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‘Great things come in small packet’. The statement is appropriate fact about the state Sikkim, which is the guardian of several hills and valleys. It is the second smallest state of the country after Goa and poses unique ethnic beauty of nature. The chants from the monasteries, soaring mountain hills, storming rivers and pristine beauty of preserved heritages can mesmerize you at a glance.

The state is small but worth knowing. This beautiful region is actually landlocked by three different countries of Asia i.e. China, Tibet and Bhutan. Also, the influence of these states on Sikkim is a talking point. Hers, in this article, we will explore some other facts about Sikkim, which is lesser known.

  • Originally a nation turned state

We all are aware about the fact that India in the colonial period has more than 500 princely states, which later on after Independence merged in the republic of India in 1947. But till 1974, Sikkim was recognized as an independent nation, out of the constitution of India. In 1975, the Prime minister of Sikkim appealed to Indian government to make the nation a part of India, otherwise china would forcefully take the possession. Hence, on 16 May in the same year, Sikkim turned to be 22nd state of India.

  • Foreign languages and population

A very interesting fact about Sikkim to know is that it has the maximum foreign population, yes more than any other state. It mostly has Nepali origin people, more than the native Lepcha and Bhutia. Also, not one or two, the state has 11 official languages: Nepali, Sikkimese, English, Rai, Gurung, Magar, Sunwar Lepcha, Tamang, Limbu and Newari. Mostly, English is used in government documents and taught in schools.

  • Flowers

The lovers of flora, you are in paradise of flowers, if you are in Sikkim. Certainly, the state is hub of various species of trees, shrubs and flowers. It is the home of more than 5000 species of flowering plant, 515 types of orchids, 60 primula species, 36 species of rhododendron, 11 varieties of Oak, 23 varieties of Bamboo, 362 types of ferns and trees, and over 424 medicinal plants. Every year in summer, International Flower Festival is held in Sikkim, which is witnessed by thousands of people.

  • Respect to Soldiers

One have definitely visited various temples of different gods in Hindu mythology from lord Rama to lord Shiva, but the beautiful state has a temple made to pay homage to a brave Indian solder rather than god. The temple is named ‘Baba Harbhajan Singh’ who is hailed as the “Hero of Nathula.” It is believed that his spirit guards every Indian soldier even now.

  • Red panda

One of the wildest endangered species in the world is actually predominant in this small state. One, don’t have to travel a long way to China, to spot this cute, adorable Red Panda, when it is significantly the state animal of Sikkim. Various natural parks and zoo here have this special specie as their guest and one could easily have a look of it.

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Be ready all the back packers and vagabonds to witness the ultimate natural beauty in the laps of Himalayas.