Know the weather changes in London

Know the weather changes in London


Stronger or more frequently different types of weather extremes will likely to occur under climate change, such as more intense cyclones and stronger hurricane winds. Improvement in the weather prediction, therefore, will be vital for giving communities more time to prepare themselves for dangerous storms and situations, saving their precious lives and minimizing the damage to infrastructure. Nowadays, new radar technology is allowing the forecasters to better see the extreme weather and the atmosphere, as well as potential improvements in the satellite technology, and also the computer models that run on more powerful supercomputers.

Longer warning time given is only effective when it is paired with the better understanding of how to get people to respond to the dangerous warnings, all part of an effort to build a kind of “weather-ready nation.” A daily weather forecast involves the work of thousands of people that are observers and meteorologist all over the globe, and also the work of a number of machines.

Nowadays, modern day computers make far better forecasts that are more accurate than ever before and the weather satellites that are orbiting the earth taking various photographs of clouds from the space along with the formulas and the rules that are based on the experience of what has happened earlier in the past, and then make their forecast. Meteorologist basically uses a combination of several various kinds of methods to come up with their daily weather forecasts.

The eyes and the ears of the meteorologist are the most accurate tools. They observe all over the globe clouds and precipitation and then relay that information as well as measurements to other meteorologists throughout the world so that people can know how the weather is changing from place to place and time to time. Therefore, with the help of these meteorologists, we can know the weather forecast for London as well.

London Weather Centre

Here is some data to let you know the history of the weather forecast for London . The concept behind the weather centers, aimed at the business community and the public, which was developed during the 1950s at least partly in response to the great success of the Festival of Britain in 1951, which actually contained a Dome of Discovery.

This included a well-working weather forecast office exhibition. After this, the Met Office launched a Centenary Exhibition. Its 100th anniversary was in the year 1954 which toured the country. Both of the above exhibitions fully demonstrated what is most working in the organization as well as outside, probably knew already that there was a good public interest in weather changes.

As well as there was also an increasing demand from businesses to take better account of it in terms of improving profitability and customer service. The response given to the demand was the development of a great weather center network that was starting in London in 1959 with the main goal of being an approachable point of contact with the Met Office for the public and businesses. It was the main element that the public could actually visit LWC and can see the work at first hand as well as have contact by over the telephone.