Have A Rat Problem? Feed Them Cake

Have A Rat Problem? Feed Them Cake

Have A Rat Problem Feed Them Cake

Mortein Rat Kill cake takes care of stubborn rats by forcing them out of your home to die outside in peace.

You are awake at night and you hear a scuttling sound. When you get up to investigate, a dark form suddenly darts out of sight, even before you see it. Your house has a rodent visitor, and unless you take immediate steps, it is not going to leave your home in a hurry.

Don’t panic; just get Mortein Powergard Rat Kill cake and breathe easy.

How killing rats is a piece of cake with Mortein:

1 Break the Rat Kill cake into smaller pieces. Rats will have points of entry and exit into the house, as well as several hiding places. Break the Rat Kill cake into about five or six pieces and leave each piece near these points. The rat is sure to eat it. Leave more pieces lying about – the more cake it eats, the faster it dies.

2 Take away all sources of water. Rats are hardy creatures that are able to survive for about three days even after consuming the Rat Kill cake. Once the cake piece is eaten, the rat begins to get thirsty – this is its body’s natural reaction, whereby it drinks water so as to expel the poison from its body by defecating. When it does not get access to water, it begins to panic and look for an escape route because the chemicals in the cake cause dehydration and breathing problems. The rat is certain to leave the house looking for fresh air, and it is most likely to die outside your home.

3 Check if there are multiple rats. A sure way of knowing if there is more than one rat in your home is by keeping your eyes peeled for rat droppings. Their droppings look like black pellets, and if there are many droppings around the home, it means that there are more rats and that they have a steady source of nourishment as well. Take away all exposed food sources – fruit in bowls, tins or clear containers containing dry fruits, washed vegetables ready for chopping, open garbage cans, etc. – and do not keep water uncovered for the rat to drink from. Now place a lot of the Rat Kill cake pieces around the house to get rid of the menace forever.

4 Seal the point of entry. Rats are creatures of habit – they will follow the same route to enter and exit your home, in case they are not living inside it for long periods of time. Prevent any further entry by sealing these points. Use a silicone sealant or nail a hard plastic sheet to plug these holes or crevices where rats enter from. They are able to gnaw through soft wood and thermocol, so these materials are not useful for plugging the entry points.