The Most Innovative Companies In Education

The Most Innovative Companies In Education

The Most Innovative Companies In Education

Since education has become a commercial commodity instead of the welfare, many of the companies started taking an interest in the education only for the profits. I am not talking about the companies who are providing academic services like assignment help online. I am speaking about the multimillion dollar companies whose businesses are already well spread around the globe.

Because of the teaching methods like blended learning and the increasing usage of technology in the education, many innovative companies have started developing the product and services for the schools and college students so they can get their share too from the education industry.

In the next lines. I am going to tell you about the most innovative companies in the education who are not only doing business in the education but expanding it too.


The textbooks are getting obsolete in the education industry, and teachers are more interested in teaching the students through e-books. Companies are now converting every curriculum textbooks into e-books, and the company which is leading in this business is the Inkling. In 2013, Inkling made the biggest deal ever in digital learning with the textbook giants like Pearson and Elsevier and got the contract to digitize all of their academic material. Inkling is also running its publishing platform where any independent academic writer can convert its academic textbook into an e-book.


Kaplan is a 75-year-old company which is evolving itself to meet the challenges of the modern world. It started as a test-prep company which is now running equally with the pace of the modern learning and teaching. Kaplan is embracing the new tech-centric curriculum by launching different innovative programs. Their most successful program was launched in 2013 where they used the Gamification platform Badgeville that boosted the grades of the participant students by 9%.


Learnzillion founded in 2011 by a charter school chief and a McKinsey consultant that supply five minutes mini-lessons based on the Common Core State Standards initiative to teachers and students. This company holds the biggest pool of teachers by having 120,000 registered teachers and registering around 5,000 new teachers every week.


Only a professional and experienced teachers know how to build student ability on the mistakes that the student does. Just like the Inkling, Knewton is also converting textbooks into e-books with a little twist. Knewton is not only converting the textbooks into e-books, but they are also making it interactive and adding an adaptive layer of learning for the students.