6 Beauty Tips To Get Glowing Skin During Winter

6 Beauty Tips To Get Glowing Skin During Winter


Chilly temperatures, harsh dry winds and other unseeming weather conditions during winter are common. What makes the weather dangerous for us is how it affects our skin from texture to appearance. On summer day, you may have a glowing, radiant and a vibrant skin complexion and a smooth skin texture. However, as winter knocks in, these qualities start disappearing and at the very end, you end up with a flaky if not cracked and peeling skin. To prevent such occurrences, here are the top six beauty tips to help in acquiring a glowing skin in winter.

1. Moisturize The Skin Regularly

This is the first lesson learned in how to apply makeup in winter for any individual facing such a period. Due to the dryness in the atmosphere, moisture from the skin is rapidly lost to it. Eventually the skin dries up if not continuously moisturized. In addition, you have to identify the best moisturizers to use on your skin. Remember that the your skin type changes and may require different cosmetic products than it did in summer e.g. you may be used to an alcohol based moisturizer but using that now on the skin will result in a more chapped skin texture. Therefore, you need water or oil based moisturizer for winter. However, using the oil based moisturizers requires special care so as not to clog or block the skin pores. The skin needs fresh air all the time in order to rejuvenate.

2. Hot Showers

As time passes, all that we desire in this kind of weather is normally a hot bath and a hot chocolate cup for the evening. However, if aiming at ensuring your skin is glowing and radiant, you will have to skip on the hot baths or showers including the excess caffeine or alcohol intake. Hot showers strip the skin off the oil barriers it elects against the low temperatures. This increases the moisture lost to the atmosphere. When having a shower, you are advised to use lukewarm water as it tends to preserve although not entirely the lipids and other important skin oils in place.

3. Hydrate From Within

Just as you moisturize the skin on the outside, ensure you take the needed drinks and fluids essential in moisturizing the skin from the inside. Take a lot of water of a regular basis. Even though the weather does not allow it, water is essential in moisturizing and hydrating the skin from within. This is something you learn as the winter progress and in the steps on how to apply makeup in winter. Furthermore, it aids in the digestion of food at this chilly period providing the skin with the necessary nutrients.

4. Fatten The Skin And You As An Individual

What you need is to eat something with the necessary ingredients that will increase your skin’s glow. Taking foods high in fats but in moderation provides the skin with the fats it requires to protect and prevent excess drying when exposed to the chilly weather outside. Ensure you don’t take excess of it to avoid gaining weight and having another routine or schedule to follow in summer to get rid of the extra pounds.

5. No Cleansing

Cleansing is a productive way of ensuring that your skin continues to glow. However, using it frequently in winter can cause side effects and increase the drying out processes. However, it can be remedied by ensuring you use a moisturizer on the cleansed area immediately it is done. Furthermore, use the cleansers on a low frequency t give your skin space to regenerate.

6. Warm Wear

As the weather suggests, it is time to put on warm clothing. Apart from keeping you warm, they are also protecting the skin from the chilly air and the strong dry winds. Protect your feet, hands and face using the proper wear such as gloves, scarves and or socks for the feet. This also prevents the skin from losing moisture into the atmosphere. To protect the lips in how to apply makeup in winter, use your lip balms to moisturize and prevent your lips from scaling or breaking.


Winter is a time or a season to know the best ways to take care of the skin. A chapped, scaly or skin that is peeling off, including too dry are not suitable for any look. Therefore, you are allowed to look for solution and the above tips, offer the best solutions/tips when it comes to applying your makeup and keeping your skin glowing, radiant and vibrant. Be sure to follow the steps and the tips and you won’t regret the outcomes.