Among bodybuilders and athletes debolon- a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid is very popular. It is commonly named as Dianabol. The main purpose of its creation was to enhancing the performance of bodybuilders and athletes.  It helps in promoting the muscle growth, increases the protein synthesis, equalizes the rapid growth of muscle size and strength, and increases the retention of nitrogen in muscle tissue. The debolon steroid is usually taken in tablet form orally but it is also available in injection form so as to inject it.

The main effects of Debolon -10 are as follows:

  • Protein creation
  • Glycogenolysis
  • Increases muscle strength in short period
  • Stacking with other steroids like enanthate, testosterone

The bodybuilders and athletes can have an expected gain of approximately 20 pounds (who are using the steroid actively). There are various names of debolon that are Metandienone, Oxanprime, Averbol, Methandienone, Vetanabol, Naposim, Metanabol, Methandristenolone and Danabol.

The dosage will depend on the experience of bodybuilders and athletes and 15 mg per day consumption will produce an affect. The increase in the dosage of debolon further leads to increase in the various side effects associated to it. The high dose of 50mg and 100mg is not recommended as the drug has negative and harmful effects inside the body. It can be used either by taking on large dose or can split the daily dose into segments depending upon the requirement of bodybuilders and athletes.

There are many dangerous anabolic steroids available in the market but high risk is associated to them while their consumption. Debolon-10 also has many estrogenic and androgenic adverse effects and thus include gynecomastia, retention of water that leads to increase in the level of blood pressure, acne problems, hair loss, and growth in body hair.

Various effects can be controlled with due attention as you can supplement the consumption of steroid with anti-estrogens. It also has very negative effects on the cholesterol levels and leads to various heart problems. There is suppression in the testosterone levels with this anabolic steroid in the body. The bodybuilders and athletes include an exogenous testosterone supplement in order to counteract the negative effect in their routine but if they fail to do that then it will results in decrease in testosterone levels in the body.

It is heptatoxic in nature as it is a C17 alpha alkylated anabolic steroid that contains toxins. Before consumption bodybuilders and athletes must be sure regarding all the health aspects and see that all are in good working condition so as to minimize the harmful effects of this steroid. The use of this steroid must be limited to time frame of six months so as to avoid any long term damage to the body.

The easiest and the convenient place to buy the debolon steroid are to buy online. The company Thaiger pharmaceuticals sells this steroid in inject able and tablet form. The steroid cannot be sold without prescription of a medical consultant or recommendations of doctors.