So You Think You Can Be An HR?

So You Think You Can Be An HR?


It seemsthat tributaries from all straights of industries are converging into a single stream nowadays, namely that of Human Resource Management. Even more amusing is the degree of divergence that the professionals have taken to travel such a course. But when the subjects were asked about the best route, they agreed that a lateral move is the most convenient way to switch.

  • It would be highly advised to begin your journey with an administrative role in the organization and gradually move into a Human Resource oriented role.
  • Create a network of people who are directly or indirectly connected to the human resource management. It is with this cobweb of connections, that you would find your initial opportunity.
  • Many companies, allow for internal job postings. Keep a regular interaction with the HR department to make the move when the time is right.
  • There are various verticals of the human resource department in an enterprise. Be it a Training or recruiting wing or talent management. Both originate from the same family tree. The more you get involved with such components, the more you start understanding the workings of the human resource department.

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  • Human Resource is about syncing you psyche with that of an employee. There is an abundance of material available for reading about sociology and psychology, the concepts of which could be readily applied to a culturally rich workforce.
  • Muster the confidence to pick the phone up and talk to people. Initiate conversations. Almost on a regular basis HRs are required to have telephonic/personal interactions with new people.

 Stepping into Human Resource  Management

We are assuming that you would something or the other in line with the suggested measures mentioned above. So now that you are on track to where you want to go, lets further polish the traits that would land you in the spot.

  • Peruse through your curriculum vitae and find the attributes that align the roles you have worked in, to that of a human resource professional  Use the “About Yourself”or the “Extra-curricular” sections of the resume, to portray yourself as a potential HR.
  • Add and follow people who regularly post-human resource openings on reputed job portals. Increase your footprint on communities such as SHRM, ERE.Net, etc.
  • Your immediate circle of peers at the office should be aware of the fact that you want to switch to human resources.
  • More often it is the clique of small businesses that are inclined to hire people of carrying a variety of experience on their resume so the workload could be shared equally. Hence, as challenging as it may sound, start your human resource experience with a relatively smaller organization.
  • Many consultancies act as safe havens for HRs, as they aim at getting fresher/graduates recruited in good companies, as quickly as possible, thereby giving many aspirants a good opportunity to gain experience in human resource management.