The Potential Of Contemporary Art

The Potential Of Contemporary Art


Should an artist be the sole author of an art work? To some extent, yes, however, in the age of contemporary art, the viewers play an integral role in the formation of its sense, logic and in expressing their ideas on the created art. The process has been inevitable due to the development in excellence of human thought, fast transformation of social values and development in technologies. Thus, in comparison to the dominant thoughts and ideologies of Modern Art like Abstract Expressionism, Contemporary art tends to come across varieties of approaches or opinions, and undeniably this also opens the scope of further categorization and specialization within a category.

Sharing of ideas which was lack in Modern age is no more there in post modern or contemporary ones because the time they are developed is of questioning, review and experimentation. In the fast changing world the approach of art is also expected to change its beliefs, ideals and philosophies at its faster pace. The biggest source of contemporary art are real life, human right, social evils and economic factors, political events and other images of modern human life.

To understand the difference of modern and contemporary art, for you, the best place is a distinguished art gallery like Mark Borghi Fine Art, located in New York apart as well as recognized art museums. Importantly, if you’re desirous to see varieties of art works of different artiste who have had specialized in various genres, an art gallery can be an ideal place. In fact, it exhibits highly apprised creative pieces of paintings, stone and wooden craving or oil painted images of different artiste all over the year.

Thus, you have a higher scope to view and experience varieties of art created by a range of artists from modern age or contemporary period. Mark Borghi Fine Art has been specializing in arts from the period of Post War II, Modern era and Post Modern period. Here, as you can view the unrivaled superlative paintings of Hans Hofmann, the worldly celebrated modern age painter, you can see amazing abstracts of Larry Poons as well, the creative paintings of Yves Klein among the top popular artists of contemporary age who specializes in Conceptual art, Modern art and Nouveau realism.

The famous art gallery has two more wings. These were introduced later in Bridgehampton, New York (2004) and Palm Springs, Florida (2011) by Mark Borghi the founder of the gallery and an art dealer in order to meet the demand of great art lovers. On regular basis the community arranges retrospective art exhibitions of artists from both eras. As a special feature of art galleries, while viewing the great art pieces designed by illustrious artists, if you like to purchase one of more work of arts, you can talk to the organizers or gallery manager. To have an idea of its vast collections, you can go through the website of its galleries. The sites display the most popular arts together with the details of its approach and about the artist.