Ways To Use A Seed Box Easily

Ways To Use A Seed Box Easily


Today digital file sizes are increasing day by day and our patience in decreasing day by day. We want to download digital files as faster as we can. With normal household connection it takes much time to download the files. With an average internet connection a full HD movie takes about an hour to download. Also downloading a song can take few minutes. If you are tired of waiting for the download to complete, seed box might be the thing for you.

These are dedicated servers, which are used for file hosting, file sharing, and for file distribution with others using FTP. These provide high bandwidth for both upload and download. You can download the full HD movie in minutes by seed box where as a song will only take few seconds to download. Also when you download movie via Bit torrents, you can subjected to various law suits. But with seed box you do not use bit torrent so there will be no problem. Also if you need to transfer files or to organize your files, or you want to transfer your data to new server, you can transfer those files with the help of cheapest seedbox.

There are chances that sometimes you might have left your software for over seeding and this would actually create issues for you. It means that you have used a lot of bandwidth that was made available to you. Thus you might fall short in your plan. Now there are two things that you might need. The first thing is you may need to buy additional bandwidth or the second thing is just waiting for the plan renewal. Wasting the bandwidth would be really frustrating.

Here are the steps for transferring files between seed boxes


  • First of all you need to open your FTP client, FTPRush or Smart Rush.
  • Then click on tools and select site manager. Then you need to create a new site.
  • After that you need to enter the information for your first hosting server, like its IP address. Also you will need the hosting address. Then you need to provide the username and password for the account.
  • After that create a new site for you other server, and then enter all the details like you entered for the first server like hosting address, username and password for the account.
  • Then you need to connect the both servers. Your logs will contain the information, which will indicate the status of connection. It will contain information for successful connection or any problem encounter with the server or inaccurate login information.
  • Then you need to locate the seed box directory within each server, for which you can use internal browser window, to navigate the server directories.
  • Then you can drag and drop the files from one server to another and it will begin the FXP or file exchange protocols, process.

It is very simple to transfer files using seed box.