Employee Time Sheet Software: Is It Really That Simple?

Employee Time Sheet Software: Is It Really That Simple?

Employee Time Sheet Software: Is It Really That Simple?

Employee time tracking software offers online time tracking and reporting services. It’s designed for businesses of all sizes including small businesses, freelancers, and large businesses wanting to keep track of the time spent on each project, to keep track of invoices, and get paid for their time and expertise. It allows the user to access the database online and from their smartphones as well.

Why use the timesheet software?

There are several reasons to use this software:

  1. It can be done on cloud
  2. Eliminates paper
  3. Save time
  4. Accessible from anywhere
  5. Make the business more profitable

Some of the best FREE time software available in market:

  1. Actitime Small Team Edition
  2. Toggl
  3. TimeTrex Payroll and Time Management
  4. TimeSage Time sheets
  5. Open Time Clock
  6. Advanced Time sheet Reports Personal
  7. algTime

Why Actitime Small Team Edition?

It’s the easiest software which provides systematic information on the tasks, projects, employees, and clients or customers. It works with Microsoft Access or MySQL. It can be used to toggle working and nonworking from the work schedule menu which makes everything easier for stamping time. Additionally, you can define which employee was on leave and their reason.

Why Toggl?

It’s an interesting and attractive time tracking software available for free to use and also portable to be taken anywhere with you. Users can download Toggl time tracking software on their desktop or install the app of Toggl on their iPhone or Android smartphone. The user-interface of Toggl is very well designed, small, and sleek. It updates the work details of the project on all the devices of user at once.

Why TimeTrax Payroll and Time Management?

It’s a complete web-based payroll and time management software which offers employee scheduling, job costing, time and attendance, invoicing, and payroll. The software is designed clean, and simple which makes it easier for use. Additionally, it adds record of working license details of the employee.

Why TimeSage time sheets?

It’s a minimalist free time punching, flexible time tracking tool for general time recording, tracking hours spent on different projects. The software has an additional feature of customizing; it can export reports about your stats, bills,and graphs.

Why open Time Clock?

It’s brilliant time sheet software and available free to use using its desktop application as well as its cloud or web based application. It’s reliable, secure cloud and web based time clock system for any size business. It can be used to track employee’s time, scheduled shifts, paid time off accruals,jobs and shift note.

Why advanced time sheet reports personal edition?

It’s an intuitive time tracking and project management solution used by professionals and project-oriented businesses worldwide to perform functions including time sheet reporting and project management. Additionally it supports many different languages, includingDutch, Czech, German, French, and Italian.

Why algTime?

It’s one of the best free time sheet software available with small, simple and systematic design. Without creating an account user can add their work and records time. It’s also capable of generating daily, weekly, and monthly basis reports.