8 Must-have USA Fashion Jewelry Brand Collection

8 Must-have USA Fashion Jewelry Brand Collection

8 Must-have USA Fashion Jewelry Brand Collection

Fashion Jewelry event will not be a good investment, is one of important role key in your appearance. They will compliment your look and speak up your personality and preference, and also a pure joy collectable thing. Is not very common to hear jewelry brand that says “made in U.S.A”, although actually USA have fascinating collections from talented jewelry designers.

These brands are a must have items on your fashion jewelry collection. All are made with fine material, original design and a very decent price for those great qualifications and advantages. Each fashion jewelry brands USA stands on their characteristic and uniqueness which will serve your preferences and will make an additional collection to your wardrobe.

8 Must-have USA Fashion Jewelry Brand Collection


BaubleBar founded in 2011 in NYC by Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky. You can find a wide range of style and material that creatively made by this brands. They offer from cute beads tassel earring to intricate gemstone bib necklace, and bright sweet fabric choker to colorful poms studs. This costume jewelry brands in usa will speak the spirit of bright and colorful youth life. With quite affordable price, you can have a lively and cute spring looks of your own.

Stella and Bow

Los Angeles based handmade jewelry Stella and Bow brings you timeless style with feminine but edgy and cool design. Their jewelry mostly embrace simple thin metal frame with a nice simple key point of gemstone or sparkle. This popular fashion jewelry brand also offers thematic jewelry from places all around the word, such as Fiji and Bali in their Tropicool collection. These fine pieces are very suitable to accompany your sweet girl look, while giving a true fun and cool vibe

Alex and Ani

As their aspiring vision to offer jewelries that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit, Alex and Ani bring new meaning of fashion jewelry style. Founded in 2004, this Rhode Island fashion jewelry brand’s specialty is making personalized and detailed charms that will make your bracelet and bangles exceptional. For more options and style, Alex and Ani also utilized fine gemstones, crystals, and beads in their designs which are suitable for every age.

Bing Bang NYC

Bing Bang collection will fulfill your needs of sparkle, edgy styles, and iconic design in just perfect ways. This popular fashion jewelry brands earring line is definitely fascinating companion for your outfits and their bangles and cuff collection will satisfied a taste of stacker and avid collector. Their work also speaks of fine craftsmanship, high quality material with affordable price. They also offer cute and super cool other accessories to accompany your bilngs.


Gorjana jewelries are delicate, durable and versatile. This brand is perfect to be your everyday fashion jewelry and with timeless style and gracefulness. Gorjana jewelry is also one of US fashion jewelry brand that embrace the power of healing gemstones on their pieces, such as aquamarine, amethyst, and agate. Each gemstone has their healing power as well as makes stunning fashion jewelry.

Juicy Couture

From bold, colorful necklaces to charm bracelets and delicate rings and earrings, Juicy Couture makes an array of costume jewelry for wearers of all ages. Their elaborated design of rhinestone and fine metal work make a unique statement bracelet. The brand’s leather lines will also make a nice selection to your collection for chic and feminine looks.

The Things We Keep

This Brooklyn based jewelry line will make you fall in love with its delicate architectural designs.  The single band pieces are very elegant and their genuine simplicity will make your appreciate their beauty more. All of their fashion jewelries are handmade with outmost care and from high quality material. Every collection from The Things We Keep will make a fine memory that you will love and cherish forever.

Bario Neal

All things from Bario Neal will make you swoon with its intricate single line band and beautiful precious stones. This Philadelphia-based fashion jewelry brand is known handcrafted their collection using reclaimed precious metals and ethically-sourced stones. They also work with heirloom stones, rough and faceted diamond and willing to customize jewelry to suit your ideas. Nevertheless, every collection from Bario Neal is a great purchase and exclusively made.