5 Advantages Of Dental Crowing

5 Advantages Of Dental Crowing


A customized tooth shaped cap used to place over tooth for tooth enhancement and for the safety of tooth is known as dental crowning. The main function of dental crown is to help in maintaining tooth strength, shape and size. The crown is fitted on the visible part of the tooth above the jaws. In case, the teeth are damaged because of some mishap or if they are originally poor in shape or size and lowering your confidence. These crowns are used to give beautiful look that you have always been desired. A dental crown is artificial tooth placed on the damaged tooth to give your tooth a perfect look.

 Two major reasons to go for Crown denture in Thailand

1. To restore the look of broken tooth or worn out tooth.

2.To fill the cavity in the tooth.

 There are some common advantages of going for dental crown:

1. Concealing defects:

 The crowns are always made to match the shape, size and color of the original tooth. The crowns can also be used to add some extra glam to the look and can be made up of silver and gold. Whatever material you use for the crown but the main reason behind crowing your toot is to conceal the cracked, damaged tooth and give a good look to your smile.

5 Advantages Of Dental Crowing

2.  Fast and easy procedure:

 Many people think that going to dentist is very painful and long process. But, the dental crown procedure is not like other dental procedure that takes a lot of time and gives a lot of pain. Rather, it only takes an hour or two for the installation of the process. You may require only two sittings with the dentist to complete your crowning procedure.

3. Durability:

 The crown can also increase the longevity of your artificial tooth. Because the crowns provide extra protective layer to the tooth and reduces wear and tear. The crowns also help the dental implant to remain in healthy and good condition.

4. Use of diversified material:

 There are various types of crown available that are designed specially to meet the need of budget and need. You will find various kinds of material that are used to make dental crowns. Some of them are stainless steel, metal, Porcelain and Ceramic.

5. Strengthening:

 The crown also provides strength to the tooth that got weak because of the dental illness and trauma. In such scenarios also doctors recommend placing a dental crown on your tooth to protect it from any fracture, discoloration and weakness.