The Best Scroll Saw Reviews

The Best Scroll Saw Reviews


Scroll saws are instruments that are used to create curves, decorative shapes and patterns. There are many types of scroll saw and all the scroll saws’ performance will not be equal. Now buying these saws has been made easy because of online purchases. Buying a product needs a lot of thinking. Without the proper knowledge about the product that you are buying you might end up in buying products that are not suitable for you. For this reason best scroll saw reviews are given below for your reference.

Top 5 scroll saws:

There are many factors that you should take into considerations before buying a scroll saw and that’s where reading the review about the scroll saw, given by the people who used it will be helpful. It also gives you an idea about the new scroll saw which you may want to purchase from an expert’s point of view.

The Best Scroll Saw Reviews

The top 5 scroll saws are

• Dewalt DW788-1.3 Amp 20-inch variable speed scroll saw
• WEN 3920- 16-inch variable speed scroll saw
• Portor cable 18” variable speed scroll saw with stand
• Shop Fox W1713 – 16-inch variable speed scroll saw
• Delta Power Tools 40-694- 20 inch variable speed scroll saw

Dewalt DW788-1.3 Amp 20-inch variable speed scroll saw:

Dewalt DW788-1.3 Amp 20-inch variable speed scroll saw is a well engineered saw which can be used for many purposes because of its variable speed adjustments; it can be used to cut any material. This scroll saw weighs about 56 lbs. There are adjustments that can be made so that the scroll saw is well placed.

Advantages: The design of the arm is engineered in such a way that the noises are reduced. Since the speed can be controlled in this saw you can work on any material independent of the thickness of that material. It has a powerful motor which makes the cutting process easier.

Disadvantages: This scroll saw has a bit of vibrating effect to it which affects the worker on long time usage. It has a hold down bar but adjusting is tricky and difficult.

WEN 3920- 16-inch variable speed scroll saw:

WEN 3920- 16-inch variable speed scroll saw is a reliable scroll saw. With 1.2 Amps as its capacity, it has plenty of power for the materials of all kind. It also has the tension release facility which takes care of the saw dust.

Advantages: The setting up of this saw is very easy. It has both pin and pin-less blades and it is solidly built. It comes with the instruction manual that can be easily followed. This scroll saw also has variable speed that helps in precise cutting.

Disadvantages: Replacing the blades is a difficult process when compared with other scroll saws.

Upshot: The selection of the right scroll saw is very difficult. The above mentioned types are some of the best. You can check the best scroll saw reviews for your reference. With these saws you can design anything flawlessly independent of the material that is being used.