5 Easy Workouts To Get Back Your Stomach After Pregnancy

5 Easy Workouts To Get Back Your Stomach After Pregnancy

stomach exercises after pregnancy

Don’t you just hate it when people still assumes that you’re pregnant even after you just gave birth to your baby? As much as we dislike the look of our tummy, it is still undeniable that no mothers can escape those post-partum bellies we are all dying to hide (unless you have the magic of making it disappearing overnight, then you’re safe). That is definitely one of the most embarrassing and humiliating moments you just don’t want to remember ever again. And believe me, it can get worse if you won’t act right away.

It may take time for your body to fully recover after getting that baby out of your tummy. Even though there are stories of mothers getting back into their pre-pregnancy bodies just weeks after delivery, it is still not applicable for many. Patience is the key and the good news is, you can speed things up with a little effort to take on those stomach exercises after pregnancy. These exercises are specially designed to stimulate your tummy muscles and help you get that sexiness back.

1. Towel Pulse

  • Lie on the floor with your body facing the ceiling.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Wrap towel into your upper shins while holding on both ends of the towel.
  • Pull the towel as you squeeze your thighs together.
  • Take a deep breath as you draw your abs and lift your shoulders up from the floor.
  • Hold, contract then release.

This exercise can strengthen your transverse muscles. For maximum effect, repeat 20 times per session for the next two weeks.

2. Belly Breathing

Belly breathing is one of the simplest stomach exercises after pregnancy. Just as the name describes it, all you have to do is to deeply inhale and exhale, allowing your stomach muscles to expand and contract as much as possible. Do this for about a minute. Perform three sets while resting in between to avoid bloating and too much swallowing of air.

3. Abdominal Bracing

  • Lie with your back on the floor and your body facing up.
  • As a starting point, position yourself as if you are expecting a big punch to your stomach.
  • Contract your abdominal muscles.
  • While keeping your back flat on the ground, start performing different movements like extending your legs or raising your both arms over your head.

Complete two to three sets of this exercise as you hold your body in the starting position for about thirty seconds, intensifying the exercise as the holding time increases to two minutes or longer.

4. Toe Taps

  • Lie on the floor face up and the body resting straight.
  • Position your body, particularly your legs, in a table top position wherein your feet is not touching the ground and your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle while hanging in the air.
  • Lower your right foot until it almost touches the floor.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles, exhaling as you do so. Keeping your left foot still at a 90-degree angle off the floor.
  • Take a deep breath as you return your right leg to its original position.
  • Hold the original position for about 4 to 5 seconds.
  • Redo the steps, this time, with your left leg lowering onto the floor and right leg remains at a right angle.
    Complete this exercise with 5 repetitions on both leg for three weeks and you’ll be surprised what this easy exercise can give you.

5. Scissor Kicks

  • Rest your back on the floor with your hands placed under your butt.
  • Raise one of your legs off the ground as if you are about to kick then slowly lowering it back.
  • Do the same step with your other leg as you lower your other raised leg.

Do this simultaneously for three sets of ten repetitions to tighten up those loose stomach pouch bags.

Even if your body is fully healed from the pregnancy that it went through, starting off a fitness routine after a long period of rest can be a hard task. This is where your determination is challenged as it is the main and only factor in helping you achieve a body to die for. As a precaution, the provided exercises must be done 6 months after giving birth for maximum health care. So what are you waiting for? Stand up and get that belly back to shape with by incorporating these toning exercises in your daily routine!