Importance Of An Environment Statement Policy For An Organization

Importance Of An Environment Statement Policy For An Organization


An environmental policy is a written statement, which specifies a set of principles outlining an entity’s mission to see and manage the effects of its operation and activities on the environment. It is usually signed by senior management of an organization and outlines the aims and obligations of a business towards the environment.

What Is An Environment Policy Statement?

Generally, the policy should brief about the specific commitments, which an organization is ready to make for eliminating, preventing and reducing the environmental hazards and the effect of its products, activities and operations on the environment.

Some of the targets and objectives may include reduction in consumption of resources, reducing wastage and redesigning the products in such a way that their impact on environment changes. Be it about its production, designing, manufacturing or use, the product is no longer harmful to the environment. Although making an environmental policy statement isn’t mandatory, however, most of the companies, as a part of their corporate social responsibility abide by this rule.

An environmental policy statement serves useful if a business entity is thinking to undertake environmental management standards. It’s also imperative if a business firm is planning to expand its operations and is considering working with large firms.

Commitment towards environmental protection is counted as a positive point by large corporations. It increases the chances of getting good offers from multinational companies since some companies want their partners to abide by environmental protection acts.

Importance of an Environmental Policy

An environmental policy statement serves as an important document for environmental improvement any entity is planning to take up. Following points brief the importance of an environment policy statement.

  • It helps a business to operate on the land of law.
  • It improves knowledge of the employees about their roles and responsibilities towards the environment.
  • It promotes cost efficiency within an organization.
  • It reduces chances of accidents which may otherwise lead to liabilities.
  • It aids in conservation of natural resources and raw materials.
  • It improves monitoring of environmental aspects by an entity.
  • It improves efficiency business process by reducing wastages and leading to cost efficiency.
  • It helps in developing better business reputation and assists in building better relations with external stakeholders like investors, local community, insurers, customers, regulators and suppliers. Such commitment towards environmental protection can boost an organization’s image in the market and can lead to financial benefits such as higher sales, market share and investment.

However, it’s imperative to keep in mind that only preparing an environmental policy statement isn’t sufficient. An organization needs to ensure that the same is implemented and is followed by every employee.

Key Points in an Environmental Policy

To ascertain that your environmental policy statement is a big success, you need to frame it in a way that it adequately reflects your environmental perspective to various stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, government agencies, public, regulators etc.  It is successful, if you need to tailor it in such a way that it reflects your business culture to stakeholders. For preparing a good environmental policy statement you can contact Ellery Gordon who is one of the most efficient law clerks in California.


Hope this guide will give you a fair idea of importance, which an environmental policy statement holds.