What Are The Rights That Students Have According To Law?

What Are The Rights That Students Have According To Law?


Jeffrey I. Reisman wants to share with you today all the rights that students have. Every individual who decides to go to college must know that they have their own rights that professors must respect and if they don’t, they will face serious consequences.

Each student has the right and obligation to participate in the achievement of student programs and subjects, to use forms and means by which they are achieved (e.g. lectures, exams, papers, essays, etc.). To contribute to the reputation of the university, and to participate in the management bodies (e.g. academic-scientific council, an alliance of students, etc.). In order to successfully organize and simplify their studies, and to ensure easy approximation of the student in the new environment, the Higher Education Act and the statutes of higher education institutions prescribe numerous rights of students. Among them are the most important:

  • Regular study and status of regular student, and the right of part-time study and part-time student status;
  • enrollment and education under equal conditions for all;
  • choice of their representatives in the faculty;
  • establishing their own student organizations through which they can discuss and decide on all matters relating to their studies.

What are regular, and those part-time students?

Undergraduate studies at universities are organized as regular. Through this kind of study, students are allowed to: regularly visit organized classes conducted by professors; examinations of several parts, which significantly facilitates their studies; working on various assignments (seminar) and essays by receiving extra points when defining the final grade in a particular subject.

The university, has the right to organize part-time studies. For that kind of study may enroll students eligible for enrollment as a regular student who are employed, or there are certain reasons that hamper the regular attending of classes, such as severe prolonged illness, disability, absence from the country, etc.

Even as a part time student you are allowed to come and visit classes in order to see what the subjects are for. The students who are not visiting classes, have the right to ask the professor to give them the necessary material so that they can learn and get prepared on time for the exam.

Other than that, as a student you have the right to access to a library at the university from where you can find all the literature that you need for certain subjects. The library can be used by all students where they can study and discuss important subjects. Make sure that you do not forget your rights as a student. If you feel that they are being violated, you have all the right to hire a professional help – a lawyer who will help you fight for your own rights. Make sure you choose a reliable law company and an experienced/ knowledgeable that will be able to suit your needs in every way.