4 Ways to Achieve Career Progression and Greatness

4 Ways to Achieve Career Progression and Greatness


Are you looking to up the ante by making a career leap or are you figuring out ways to improve in your current job? If any of the two are on your mind then your search has brought you to the right place.

The advice we offer is not a pill you take and overnight things will take a turn for better instead these are steps to guide you on the route towards career growth.

Update Goals

Writing down goals is essential. It is because you may have a ton of things on your mind but when you pen them down it is written in stone. You will always remember to stick by them. Naturally, no one wants to be doing the same stuff at 27 that he was doing when he was 22.

Make a habit of reflecting on your goals and if possible, revisit them on a quarterly basis so that you know where you stand in their pursuit and what can be done to take corrective measures if you feel you have deviated from the path.

Set Certain Caps

Once a wise man said, being friends with the boss and being friendly with the boss are completely different things. Top class academic writing for undergraduates. You are his subordinate and he is your boss. So always remember, there is a distinction in the titles for a reason.

Therefore, you are allowed to be friendly with your boss as you should be with every person you are around with but don’t (for one sec) fool yourself into believing that your boss is your friend. Point is, maintain professional integrity and distance. He delegates work, you deliver. Simple!

Find A Mentor

You can have your mentor from within the company you are working for. He may be who taught you the ropes of how to perform your tasks when you first arrived and coached you to the level of excellence but it is equally essential you have a mentor from the outside world.

Inside the company, a mentor will stick to norms of the firm you and he are working for. Outside mentor will bring in some great and valuable insights which will not be shared you from the inner mentor.

The idea is to diversify for maximum knowledge. Don’t be in the blank and only know what is being said and practiced within the company in a certain industry. Outside knowledge, in addition, can let you weigh your career prospects in a better manner.

Say Bye-Bye To Being ‘Stuck In A Rut’

It simply means, don’t get too comfortable. You should always be on the lookout. Or else how better prospects going to come knocking? At times, the niceties of the workplace such as colleagues and overall environment make the employee complacent.

Remember, nothing is more important than your career. We often do things but our interest lies in something else. Thus, to compromise because you have found your comfort zone is going to cost you in a major way, later in life.

Scan your surroundings. See what skills are in demand and equip yourself to meet the demand for future. Such should be your attitude to achieve career greatness!

Author Bio: Arabella Alice is a guru on career counseling Pro Academic. He loves to travel and has previously in the capacity of HR under different organizations. You can follow him for updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.