In Prophetic Evangelism, What Is The General Effect Of Word Of Wisdom?

In Prophetic Evangelism, What Is The General Effect Of Word Of Wisdom?


It only takes a bit of money and a little research and you can be taught about the oracular gifts by experienced people, have the gifts communicated and be administered as you walk in them in the marketplace.

Nothing has changed in the present day. When you share a word of Knowledge with a total outsider, straightaway you have their attention. In prophetic evangelism, word of knowledge serves to let a person you are sharing with know that you are a very mystical and spiritual person. It is also significant that you let a total outsider know that you are not on the other side, (a clairvoyant or telepathic) but you are a Christian who has a prophetic gifting. In today’s modern generation without hope and faith, the need for God’s judgement is greater than ever. It is believed that God uses Prophet TB Joshua to prophesy into the lives of the individuals, revealing the origin of their problems and escorting them into their future in Christ.

A word of prophesy is basically an information about a person’s past, present or future day circumstances that you would not normally know. They can be very real and effective as a way for God to heal a person, as he goes on with a prophecy or prophetic word of wisdom. A word of insight can be mixed up as pastoral counsel and nowadays many preachers who have the prophetic gift use pastoral counseling rather than something more perfect as a word of prophetic wisdom. A word of astuteness in prophetic evangelism might truly help a person significantly in a tough decision. A word of prophecy if followed, is perfection. Individuals you minister to on the paths through prophetic evangelism are very pleased to receive them, even if they are verdicts that are hurtful for them to listen or make.

In prophetic evangelism, what is the effect of personal prophecy?

Personal prophecy basically fills up the gaps between the words of wisdom and words of knowledge. Certain prophecy sometimes speaks of an individual’s future and this can be very useful to a person, but a prophecy might not come true if the individual do no follow the words of wisdom in the communication.

SCOAN claims that Prophet TB Joshua has efficaciously prophesied events in the lives of individuals who show up in his church services as well as international events, including the Boston bombing attacks in America, a prophecy of Michael Jackson’s death and the outcome of two African Cup of Nations (AFCON) final matches, which were won by Nigeria and Zambia respectively.

It is therefore significant for you to tell the person if a message has words of insight in it, that they need to act on those instructions off God in order for the foretelling part of the prophecy to come true. This is true for all prophecy. Any person can make up a great future for a person and say they have to do this and that, and it can be a false prophecy, but without the help from Divine Spirit, they cannot get words of prophecy right.