Enjoying Technical Excellence of Drone Conforming to Legalities

Enjoying Technical Excellence of Drone Conforming to Legalities


Drones that once were the specific domain of militaries of the world are now making its mark in the civilian zones with rebounding success. Only necessity is conforming to the legal requirements for owning and using them.

Drones are the results of rapid technological developments in respect  of electronic devices. Instead of using manpower for managing them it is computerized systems and remote controls that do the trick. That is why their uses in both commercial and domestic fields are growing consistently. However, it is necessary conforming to the legal requirements for owing and using the drones.

Drone Rules Worldwide

It is necessary for the intending users to learn about Drone rules and regulations currently operative in the world. Usually the drones are remote controlled and aerial systems and they come under the ambits of different rules and regulations put in place by the administrative authorities of different countries. Usually the rules and regulations have been framed basing on the place of use as well as the purpose of using the drones. The system was earlier known as UAV or unmanned aerial vehicles and has now changed name as RPAS or Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems.

Drone SFOC in Canada

In Canada there are a couple of ways for using the drone. The first one is operating drones with Special Flight Operating Certificate or SFOC. Authority awarding the certificate is the Transport Canada. They have divided the entire country into five regions. These regions are Pacific, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic, and Prairies and the North. Each of these zones has its own representative handling  the applications filed for issue of SFOC. Applications are usually scrutinized depending on the area of use of the drone and the purpose for which it is used. Applicants have to collect SFOC from the zonal office of the Transport Canada that regulates the area of operation of the drone.

SFOC Preconditions

People who have got the permission to use and operate drones and obtained SFOC certificate have to meet certain conditions. Drones may operate on regulated or unregulated air spaces.  When the drone is flying there has to be horizontal distance of at least 100’ from the general public. This means that the users and operators of the drones have to ensure that general public won’t enter within one hundred feet of horizontal distance from the drone flying zone. These include people on the doorways about to enter the space as well as traffic in any road or open spaces. That is why drone flying in dense urban environment gets complex but most of the enterprises are using the services of paid duty officers to monitor the work of drone in their premises.  Important aspect of all these is that SFOC conditions apply to all drones irrespective of their sizes and dimensions.

To prevent major disasters areas near the leading airports have been declared as the “no flying zones” for the drones. Hence the need for intending drone users is finding out a provider that understands and conforms to the drone regulations in Canada perfectly.

About Dr Drone

Dr Drone is leading manufacturer and designer of drones in Canada. The company excels in providing best quality commercial and domestic use drones. Best part of it is that they not only conform to the drone regulations prevalent in the country but also share insight with customers enabling them to take informed decision.