The Right Tango Dancewear Makes All the Difference!

The Right Tango Dancewear Makes All the Difference!


Tango – one of the most passionate dances known to man is sure to lure non-dancers to the dance floor. The beat and rhythm of the dance are such that you are sure to enjoy tapping your feet to the music. To get in the groove you need the right outfit. An Argentine Tango dress will be fun to wear in any case and the correct Tango dancewear will set the mood for the party. Finding the right dress is the biggest challenge. There are so many online stores dealing in them that it becomes difficult to find the perfect dress for Tango. However, there are certain guidelines that will help you solve the problem in hand.

Guidelines to choose the perfect Tango dancewear

While selecting the dress the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the dress should allow easy and fluid dance moves. Any dress or skirt that restricts movement of legs and makes you feel uncomfortable is a strict no-no. The dress or skirt has to be such that you can move your feet without any kind of hindrance. This will ensure that you can concentrate on dancing and enjoy yourself.

Next, you need to focus on the fabric used to make Tango dancewear. Non-stretchable cotton is to be avoided because it does not move well with your moves and does not dry either when you dance for hours. The best Argentine Tango dresses are made of polyester and elastane. They are stretchable and take your body’s shape. As such you will be able to bend your legs and make wide steps also. Moreover, the material will perfectly highlight your body contours. Tango is a visually appealing dance form as much as a foot tapping one. So make sure to select the right outfit to start dancing.

Different types of Tango dancewear

Some of the Argentine Tango dancewear which is popular include the following:

Tango skirts – the most popular item for all Tangueras! Tango skirts allow you to flaunt your legs in  very stylish way. If you check out the skirts, you will observe that unlike the regular run of the mill skirts, Tango skirts are often shorter in front but have long backs. In some cases, the fishtail design is followed. In other words, the main aim of such skirts is to allow you to move freely while creating a lot of effect when turning with a flow of fabric. Elegance is key here.

Tango dresses – Argentine Tango dresses are extremely popular. Available in different cuts, styles, and colors, you can opt for any style. These dresses are generally well fitted at the top with often include a slit at the side or back. You can opt for an open back with straps for a stunning look. If you like lace or velvet, this is also a good option. Velvet might be better for the winter months but lace is worn all year around in Tango dancing. The halterneck style is another popular variety. Opt for the one that best fits your requirement and budget.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose your Tango dancewear today!