Criteria To Select A Familiar and Interesting Thesis Topic

Criteria To Select A Familiar and Interesting Thesis Topic

Criteria To Select A Familiar and Interesting Thesis Topic

Thesis is the zenith of experience and efforts put in a graduate program, but finding an interesting thesis topic is quite challenging. Actually, thesis is a necessary research project related to your discipline. Finding a thesis topic is not simple like discovering a breach in journalism. There are several complex features to consider.

What makes an interesting project?

Good concept along with appropriate research is needed. Moreover, quality of research depends on your executing skills.

‘An average concept executed well is better than a brilliant thought implemented badly’

Besides specific research skills, you will need access to resources like funding, equipment, time, and technical support. These factors differ greatly, so what is a viable topic for one student can be totally unsuitable for another.

Research topic needs to be interesting in your academic field. This will basically depend on your capability to justify your proposal’s originality. Moreover, it will also be influenced by timing as technical developments introduce new things making old techniques outdated. Thus the style of different study areas and theories enter and exit frequently.

Interesting topic selection will depend on your audience. Some may find it fascinating, while it will seem utterly pointless to a few, whereas several can feel offensive. Remember this aspect, when you make a selection of professional writers or nominate examiners or supervisor to work with. If the one you prefer opposes your idea then it is wise to select another topic or switch the supervisor.

Criteria to select a thesis topic

  • Thesis is a theory or idea, which is expressed as statement, a debate for which evidence is collected and discussed reasonably.
  • Select a topic that speaks about an area of existing and future demand.
  • General idea that needs development, proof or repudiation is a good project for thesis.
  • The topic needs to interest you, your mentor as well as research community otherwise it becomes hard to sell your concept.
  • Select a topic that resolves genuine issues and remember to include solid hypothetical work along with pragmatic results.
  • The topic needs to be associated with existing research and focused on significant topic.
  • Opt for a well-defined topic, which progresses towards a new trend.
  • Avoid already discussed concepts because you will find it difficult to generate interest among your audience.
  • The size of your thesis needs to be manageable and not narrow.
  • Keep in mind reader’s expectations and assignment limitations

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Select an interesting thesis topic for your master degree. It can be challenging but be confident to handle the complications. Therefore, select a familiar topic and not a foreign one. Knowing the basic details helps to research more and cover them in your document.